Sep 26 2016

BlueDV – DMR/DSTAR Interface

The BlueDV is a very small and portable DMR/DSTAR interface.  The whole piece is actually a combination of two parts, the BlueDV adapter and the DVMega board.  More details on the individual pieces later.  What appeals to me most about this solution is the size, and the interface, which runs on an Android phone or tablet and connects via Bluetooth or you can connect it via USB to a Windows machine running the software.  Since the interface is actually on a separate device, there is no need to worry about finding your IP or remoting into the device to make changes.  All configuration is done via the application interface.

There are three pieces to the BlueSpotDV (DVMega, BlueSpot Board and Case):

1). The DVMega Board – This comes in two flavors, a single band (70cm) and a dual band (2m/70cm). While dual band, it’s only one band at a time, because it’s a single serial interface. I initially chose the dual band because I travel for work and I figured it might be nice should I end up somewhere that 70cm wasn’t allowed. However, in hindsight, the dual band has been more heartache than I expected. I had to solder a wire on, to upgrade firmware, very few images readily support the dual band capability. The Maryland DSTAR was the only one I found at the time. You can get the DVMega board many places, but I bought mine from GigaParts:http://www.gigaparts.com/SearchResults.html?search=dvmega

2). The BlueSpot Board – Now called BlueDV due to a lega issue. This board attaches to the DVMega and provides the capability of running it in dongle (USB) mode, directly connected to a PC. Or you can put it in bluetooth mode and connect it to a phone/table and run it that way. With the v3.04 firmware that was recently released you’re able to do DMR, DSTAR and C4FM (Fusion). You can get the board here: http://www.combitronics.nl/index.php…

3). Case – There are so many great projects out there for Raspberry Pi and other platforms, but rarely does one of the component manufacturers offer a case. In this case (pun intended) you can order a case along with your BlueDV. Since I was ordering from the Netherlands, I figured I’d just get a case as well.

Assembly pretty much went just like the pictures I posted. The DVMega snaps into the case, the light pipe attachment sits onto of the BlueDV and provides a nice resting spot for the DVMega. Then you snap the top on.

Hope that helps. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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