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When it comes to DSTAR, you can usually find me on the W9ICE DSTAR 70cm (Port B) – 444.125. I haven’t had much opportunity to play with DSTAR outside of my home system yet, but I have made contacts across Indiana and Florida.

My Radios:

ID-51A – This is the dual-band big brother of the ID-31A. Among all of the available DSTAR HT’s its still my favorite and is one of my primary carry radios.

ID-880H – I have two of these radios. One in the shack and one in the XYL’s car. I use more of the radio’s features mobile than in the shack. The display is very crisp, but is a segmented display so the info isn’t presented in an optimal format. While a dual-band radio, it can only do one band at a time, but it can scan memories in both bands.

ID-2820H – I broke down and bought one of these radios for my Jeep. I really like its true dual-band capability. The one weakness, however, is in the display. It is a dot matrix display and as such is not as crisp at the ID-880H. In bright sunlight the display can be difficult to read.