About Me

My name is Bill Atkinson and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I received my initial ticket at the Marion County Ham Fest on July 11th, 1999. I upgraded to General on June 30th, 2012 and Amateur Extra on October 13th, 2012.

I became interested in amateur radio while growing up in my grandfather’s television repair shop. My grandfather also had an interest in amateur radio but, due to declining health, was never able to take the examination.

The greatest thing about this hobby is that there is something in it for everyone and there is always something new to experiment with and explore.  Here are just a few things I’ve done, I’m happy to share experience/information should you have any questions:


  • FM: 2m, 70cm, 6m, 33cm, 1.25m
  • HF Phone
  • HF Digital modes: PSK31, JT65
  • APRS
  • Packet
  • WinMor/WinLink 2000


Off the air, I work for a global pharmaceutical company as an engineer on the North American LAN/WAN team.  I’ve also served with a local police departments in various capacities over the last 18 years, most recently  as a sergeant and assistant training commander teaching such topics as TASER, Monadnock Baton, Close Quarter Combat and Emergency Vehicle Operations.

Hobbies other than amateur radio include motorcycle riding and collecting/restoring vintage computers. I have an original Tandy 1000, a Tandy 1000TX, a Tandy 1000TL/2, an Apple IIgs and a Commodore 128. Many of these machines I used growing up and even ran a BBS from the Tandy platform back in the days of FidoNet.

Call Signs I’ve Held

7/1999 through 7/2012 – KB9UZD

7/2012 to 11/2012 – K9WDA

11/2012 to Present – NF9K